Arneis, The Roero Bianco

Time is needed to allow the fruits of one’s labor to mature, as winemakers know too well.
Our work on Arneis starts and ends with a goal: to change the way people view this variety, and to allow to evolve without too much interference.
The fermentation is natural, with minimal intervention in the cellar, and we wait until summer to bottle it without filtering or clarification.
We then use these white grapes to make two different labels: Roero Bianco and Valle dei Lunghi.

“You don’t grow old at the table

It’s succulent and savory; we work with it as little as possible so as not to hide its true character.
It’s versatile and can be drunk on any day, with any meal.

“‘Wine’s good for those who know how to drink it”

This is our favorite experiment: we make it by harvesting some very old strains scattered among Nebbiolo vines.
The result is a macerated wine tightly bound to the sandy soil where it grows, with a wide range of flavors in the glass.
Valle dei Lunghi is well-suited for powerful matches with rich, complex dishes.