The steep and sandy hills of Roero give us three labels of 100% Nebbiolo.
At every stage of the production process, from the organic cultivation of the grapes to the winemaking in the cellar,
the objective is to extract the most natural essence of Nebbiolo.

We give priority to the pecularities of this territory, without forgetting the prestige of the grape variety.

To showcase its potential, we offer it in three different wines: Sandro d’Pindeta, Roero and Roero Riserva,
each telling the story of the relationship between the land and the grape in a different fashion.

“‘Wine Makes the elderly dance”

Nebbiolo grapes from vines characterized by the high concentration of sand in the soil.
It’s the juice of the land: combinining freshness and the scent of the undergrouth to lighten the bold strenght we normally associate with Nebbiolo.

“‘Where wine rules, there is no silence”

100% Nebbiolo following the dictates of classic winemaking.
It’s a wine that’s born deep, albeit from sandy soil: without being pompous, its wide shoulders give space for the Cru to expess itself.

“Vices are learnt without a teacher”

100% Nebbiolo following the dictates of classic winemaking.
A celebration of our land via the grapes;
the deep roots of these 80 year-old vines make all the difference.

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